Handsome little Charlie Hart Tamer has made his debut here ‘on the outside’ and we were there to commemorate his first week of life.  Newborns grow and change tremendously in their first few weeks of life—and those little details are hard to remember as the years roll on.  That’s why we always recommend newborn sessions to be done within the first 10 days of life—so we can capture all the tiny details before they start their rapid development outside the womb.    Charlie (whose name was inspired by the motocross racer of a similar name) seems to be dreaming of action and adventure in the future—watch out mom and dad. 😉

Erin said of our session (via Facebook):

“I can not praise my photographer enough, he swears he didn’t photo shop the pic too much but I swear I didn’t look that good that day!!! Either way I have to give credit where credit is due and tell everyone to please give Brian (@Imago) a call for your photography needs.”

Thank you Erin and Charlie—I look forward to watching this little rock star grow up.

Here is a small sampling of our session together—Enjoy!




Charlie-Tamer2 Charlie-Tamer5 Charlie-Tamer6 Charlie-Tamer7 Charlie-Tamer8 Charlie-Tamer9 Charlie-Tamer10 Charlie-Tamer11 Charlie-Tamer13 Charlie-Tamer14 Charlie-Tamer17 Charlie-Tamer18 Charlie-Tamer19 Charlie-Tamer20 Charlie-Tamer21 Charlie-Tamer23 Charlie-Tamer24 Charlie-Tamer26 Charlie-Tamer28 Charlie-Tamer29

Newborn shoots can get…well…messy.  Erin was a great sport when little Charlie decided he needed to ‘go.’  😉

Charlie-Tamer30 Charlie-Tamer31 Charlie-Tamer32 Charlie-Tamer33 Charlie-Tamer34 Charlie-Tamer35 Charlie-Tamer37 Charlie-Tamer38 Charlie-Tamer39 Charlie-Tamer40